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Our holograms are created by advanced laser technology.  Each hologram radiates with frequencies that resonate with your bodies natural electrical field.

Essentially you're getting a dose of your own natural energy!

Pure Energy Bands
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The Pure Energy Band hologram technology is scientifically designed to enhance performance by instantly increasing strength, balance, energy,focus, concentration and spatial awareness on any person at any age!

Pure Energy Bands Principal:
Frequencies embedded into a Holographic media react Positively and Immediately with the body's electro-magnetic energy field.  Frequency immediately enhances cell to cell communication.  When cells communicate better, the body work better- improving:
Balance / Strength / Flexibility / Stamina / Energy

Pure Energy Bands How It Works:
Like a tuning fork, when the Pure Energy Band comes into contact with the body's energy field, it resonates at a low-level frequency that improves the flow of energy throughout the body and helps regulate its static energy.

Pure Energy Bands & Wellness:
Reported improvements in; mobility, reduction of arthritic symptoms, exceptional remedy for motion sickness, energy/stamina, focus, accelerated recovery from strains, sprains, and post work out fatigue.

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